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Civitai Safety Center

A summary of our policies, guidelines, and approach to keeping Civitai safe.
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At Civitai, we recognize the transformative power of artificial intelligence and are committed to harnessing this potential responsibly. As part of this commitment, we have established clear guidelines to safeguard minors, respect real individuals, and prevent the generation of harmful or illegal content.

Our platform is dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation while upholding standards of safety and respect. We understand the importance of balancing the freedom to create with the need to protect vulnerable groups and individuals. Therefore, we have stringent policies against the creation of photorealistic images of minors, depictions of extreme or illegal conduct, and any content that may be deemed disturbing or offensive. We also prohibit the use of our resources to generate the likeness of specific individuals for non-consensual or commercial purposes.

At Civitai, we utilize AI systems along with the power of community to maintain a safe and inclusive environment. We encourage you to be an active participant in upholding our standards by accurately tagging content, reporting violations, and providing feedback. Your involvement is crucial in shaping a safe AI community. Together, we can navigate the exciting world of AI, ensuring that Civitai remains a platform for innovation, creativity, and respect.

Responsible Resource Development



  • Models intended for creating photorealistic depictions of minors are prohibited.
  • Take care not to include any photorealistic images of minors (under 18) in training data.
  • Avoid all depictions of minors when training resources that are capable of depicting nudity or sexual themes.

Real People

  • Resources that are trained for the purpose of generating the likeness of a specific individual must be non-commercial and non-sexual in nature, and may be removed upon request from the person depicted.

Extreme or Illegal Conduct

  • Do not create resources with the purpose of depicting extreme fetishes or illegal conduct, such as rape, sexual abuse, scat or bestiality.
  • Do not create resources with a tendency to produce disturbing imagery, such as graphic violence, gore, animal abuse, severe injuries or human death.


Prior to contributing a resource to Civitai, ensure that it does not have a tendency to produce:

  • Photorealistic images of minors (under 18)
  • Minors in inappropriate clothing, poses, or themes
  • Disturbing imagery, such as graphic violence, gore, animal abuse, severe injuries or human death

Content Policies

Civitai is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for everyone. We are dedicated to harnessing the potential of AI responsibly, prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of minors and identifiable individuals.


  • All photorealistic images of minors are prohibited.
  • All sexual depictions of minors are prohibited, including anime genres such as loli and shotacon

Real People

Any images that depict the likeness of an actual person must be:

  • Non-commercial: including not soliciting donations or promoting a business.
  • Consensual: content may be removed upon request.
  • Non-sexual or suggestive

Disturbing Imagery and Hate Speech

  • Do not post extremely disturbing images, such as graphic violence, gore, animal abuse, severe injuries or human death
  • Do not post images that are disrespectful, demeaning or otherwise harmful towards people or groups of people on the basis of their:
    • Religion or religious beliefs
    • Nationality, ethnicity, or race
    • Gender or sexual orientation
    • Disability or medical conditions

Content Duplication and Impersonation

  • Only post original images that you generated yourself.
  • Do not falsely label images as having been created or endorsed by another creator or otherwise impersonate another creator.

Using Civitai to Generate Images

When using our onsite image generating services, all prompts and resulting images must comply with our content policies.

This includes, but is not limited to, restrictions on mature content as it applies to depictions of real individuals or minors, illegal or violent activities, and disrespectful or offensive content.

Prohibited Image Generation Attempts

Attempts to generate images that violate our content policies are strictly prohibited.

Moderation and Enforcement

Our moderation team actively monitors onsite image generation activities. Content that violates our rules, or attempts to circumvent our content restrictions, will result in appropriate actions, which may include content removal, flagging of the account, suspension of access to the image generation feature, or a ban from the platform.

Reporting and Accountability

Users are encouraged to report any inappropriate image generation attempts or results they come across. Reports can be submitted through our standard reporting mechanism, and should include relevant information to assist in the investigation.

Users found to be repeatedly attempting to generate content that violates our rules may face additional consequences, including potential suspension or termination of their Civitai account.

Transparency and Appeals

Decisions made by our moderation team concerning onsite image generation are subject to the same transparency and appeal processes as other content on Civitai.

Users can request an explanation or appeal a moderation decision using our Appeal Form.

How We Moderate Content

As a platform, our goal is to foster an environment of openness and inclusivity while empowering users with tools to see content that is the most interesting and relevant to them. We do this through a combination of user controls, automated content labeling, and content moderation.

User Control

We prioritize user control and offer options to customize the content you see on our platform, including:

  • Tag-Based Filtering: Users can hide specific content based on tags. For instance, if a user doesn't want to view anime content, they can hide the anime tag.
  • Selective Hiding: Users can choose to hide specific images, models, or even all models created by a specific user.
  • Content Categories: Users can opt-into which categories of moderated content they wish to view, such as enabling nudity, but not explicit nudity. Furthermore, moderated content remains hidden until a user registers an account and sets their personal content visibility preferences.

Automated Content Labeling and Moderation

We facilitate this high degree of user control through a combination of checkpoints:

  • Automated Content Labeling: We use Amazon Rekognition as well as an open-source image tagging system to automatically apply content labels and screen images for moderated content.
  • Community-Driven Moderation: Users can vote on the content labels applied to images, helping us refine our image classification system. We encourage users to report content violations and reward their efforts through a Guardian's leaderboard that highlights the most helpful community members.
  • Manual Reviews: Certain combinations of tags or resources trigger a manual review before the content becomes publicly visible.

Community Participation

We are committed to continuous improvement and maintaining a user-oriented and safe platform. As part of our community, we encourage you to contribute to these efforts by accurately tagging the models you create, participating in tagging others' models where possible, and promptly reporting any content that violates our policies.

Policy Feedback and Suggestions

We value your input. After all, this community is like a potluck – everyone brings something to the table. If you have suggestions for improving the guidelines or have spotted something we might have missed, please let us know by submitting feedback or reaching out to us on Discord.

Remember, these guidelines are here to make sure that Civitai remains an innovative, respectful, and constructive community. With your cooperation and input, we can continue to make this community a shining example of how AI can be harnessed responsibly and creatively.

Appeals Process

If you believe your content has been removed unfairly, you can submit an appeal for further review through our Appeal Form.

Reporting Violations

If you find content that doesn't adhere to our guidelines, especially concerning minors, please don't hesitate to report it. A "Report" button is available on most images and models throughout the site.

If you need additional help, you can always reach out to our moderators on our Discord server. Your vigilance helps us maintain a safe and respectful community.

Together we can better navigate the development of new AI content while upholding the openness and inclusivity of this platform and community.