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Civitai Cosmetic Shop

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Spirit of Spring

🌷Celebrate the rejuvenating essence of spring with our "Spirit of Spring" cosmetic collection. 🦋 Learn more about Limited Edition items here!

11/20 remaining
4,995 BUZZ

Springosaurus (Limited Edition)

Dino roar with leafy decor. 🍃🦖

16/40 remaining
7,499 BUZZ

Sakura Guardian (Limited Edition)

Protect your blossoms with this mystical dragon! 🌸🐉

14/40 remaining
14,995 BUZZ

Bee Drip Badge (Limited Edition)

Buzz in style with a honey-soaked charm. 🐝🍯

27/40 remaining
7,499 BUZZ

Rose Water Magic (Limited Edition)

Flow with grace as roses bloom around you. 🌹💧

31/40 remaining
14,995 BUZZ

Buzzing Bee (Limited Edition)

Catch this bee before he buzzes off! 🌼🐝

33/40 remaining
14,995 BUZZ

Anime Twinkling Lights (Limited Edition)

Shine bright with an anime girl under a starry night. 🌸🌟

31/40 remaining
7,499 BUZZ

Jelly Butterflies (Limited Edition)

Flutter in style with rainbow jelly wings. 🦋🌈

31/40 remaining
7,499 BUZZ

Jelly Leaf Magic (Limited Edition)

Surround your avatar with rainbow jelly leaves. 🍃🌈

Out of Stock
7,499 BUZZ

Rose Gold Blossoms (Limited Edition)

Bloom in elegance with rose gold flowers. 🌹✨

31/40 remaining
7,499 BUZZ

Golden Spring Bloom (Limited Edition)

Shine bright with golden spring flowers. 🌼✨

26/40 remaining
7,499 BUZZ

Rainbow Flower Magic (Limited Edition)

Surround your avatar with vibrant rainbow blooms. 🌸🌈

28/40 remaining
14,995 BUZZ

Rose Water Frame (Limited Edition)

Glow and flow with red and blue hues. 🌹💧

24/40 remaining
14,995 BUZZ

Spring Aurora Frame (Limited Edition)

Spring's light show, just for you.🌌

36/40 remaining
14,995 BUZZ

Life Bloom Frame (Limited Edition)

Surround yourself with vibrant life. 🌼🌿

22/40 remaining
14,995 BUZZ

Bumble Frame (Limited Edition)

Stripe up your life. 🖤💛

Profile Backgrounds

9,995 BUZZ

Pisces Pool

Flow with the fishes. 🐟

9,995 BUZZ

Beach Vibes

Retro beach, digital waves.

9,995 BUZZ

Beach Timelapse

Watch time glide by the tide.

9,995 BUZZ

Spring Storms

Charge up with stormy skies.

9,995 BUZZ

Tori Gate

Epic sunsets, serene gates.

9,995 BUZZ

Anime Moonlight

Silvery beams, anime scenes.

4,995 BUZZ

Sakura Sanctuary

Whispers of the East.

9,995 BUZZ

Cyber Skeleton Girl Anime

From pixels to bones.

9,995 BUZZ

Realism Eyes

Look deeper, see her story.

9,995 BUZZ

Anime Crazy Eyes

Disturbing depths in every glance.

9,995 BUZZ

Skull Dust

Dust to dust, skull style.

9,995 BUZZ

Monster King

Reign in terror.

4,995 BUZZ

Synthwave Beach

Palm trees and 80s breeze.

4,995 BUZZ

Ink Splash

Paint your presence.

4,995 BUZZ

Dynamic Contrast

Sharp contrasts, bold direction.

4,995 BUZZ

Cute Cupcake

Sweeten your style.

4,995 BUZZ

Violet Mood

Floral whispers in the dark.

4,995 BUZZ

Civbot Helper

Hi! I'm CivBot!

9,995 BUZZ

Beach Girl

Breeze in her hair, peace in the air.

9,995 BUZZ

Neo Tokyo Geisha

Geisha charm in cyber hues.

9,995 BUZZ

Love Skeleton

Vibrant love beyond the flesh.

9,995 BUZZ

Future Temple

Relics among whispering leaves.

9,995 BUZZ

Cyber Skeleton Girl

Bewitching bones on display.

9,995 BUZZ

Ashes Dissolve

Ashes to ashes—fade into style.

Avatar Decorations

4,995 BUZZ

Cotton Candy Twirl

Spin in sweet lights.

4,995 BUZZ

Fire & Ice Magic

Fire meets ice—chill out, heat up.

4,995 BUZZ

Moonlight Magic

Moonlight magic—glow and dazzle.

4,995 BUZZ

Watermelon Twist

Pink and green: summer's dream.

4,995 BUZZ

Synthwave Vibration

Catch the neon beat.

4,995 BUZZ

Unicorn Splash

Splash of magic.

4,995 BUZZ

Dragon Magic

Heat up your avatar with the dragon's flame.

4,995 BUZZ

Neko Ears


4,995 BUZZ

Falling Hearts (Blue)

Blue love, on repeat.

4,995 BUZZ

Citrus Rush

Fresh twist on every turn.

4,995 BUZZ

Blue Cool Cat

Sparkle with feline flair.

4,995 BUZZ

Falling Hearts (Pink)

Love on a loop.

4,995 BUZZ

Falling Hearts (Violet)

Looped in violet love.

4,995 BUZZ

Electric Mouse Ears

Cheeky shocks of yellow.

4,995 BUZZ

Sunset Kitty

Whiskers awash in sunset glow.

4,995 BUZZ

Rainbow Growth

Grow with the rainbow.

Content Decorations

Make your model, image, or article stand out in the crowd by dressing it up with a Content Frame Decoration.

9,995 BUZZ

Unicorn Rainbow Frame

A halo of unicorn dreams.

9,995 BUZZ

Neon Citrus Frame

Frame in vibrant zest.

9,995 BUZZ

Skyline Dawn Frame

Early light, framed right.

9,995 BUZZ

Spring Blossom Frame

Bloom in every border.

9,995 BUZZ

Tropical Sunrise Frame

Morning warmth in every corner.

9,995 BUZZ

Cool Tones Frame

Orange you glad it’s blue?

9,995 BUZZ

Berry Fun Frame

Sophisticated hues for stylish views.

9,995 BUZZ

Cosmic Skies Frame

Frame the universe.

9,995 BUZZ

Synthwave Frame

80s glow around your show.

9,995 BUZZ

Teal Tranquility Frame

Outline your images in tranquil teal.


9,995 BUZZ

Forge Badge

Forge ahead – Wear your tool of creation.

9,995 BUZZ

A1111 Badge

Rep A1111 – The OG.

9,995 BUZZ

Comfy Workflow Badge

Get comfy with creativity – Rep Comfy.

9,995 BUZZ

Moon Kitty Badge

Tail twitches by moonlight.

9,995 BUZZ

Pisces Pool Badge

Dual fish, dual flair.

9,995 BUZZ

Spring Storms Badge

Weather the storm in style.

Creator Club Badges

Support your favorite creator by purchasing their custom badge! Creators set their own prices, and all buzz spent goes directly to them.

5,000 BUZZ

Joschek's Badge

Badge designed by Joschek; all purchases support the creator!

A coiled up red rope on a metal surface.

5,000 BUZZ

Attention to Details

Badge designed by Dever; all purchases support the creator!

Keep your eyes open and look beyond the noise. See what others don't.

5,000 BUZZ

Pandora's Heart

Badge designed by Zovya; all purchases support the creator

Containing a swirling vortex of emotions, desires, and secrets, said to unlock hidden truths and awaken the user's deepest passions in their art.

5,042 BUZZ

The Fruit of Life

Badge designed by holostrawberry; all purchases support the creator

Before the original sin, it is said we would have had eternal life. Let us sinners carry this badge instead.

5,000 BUZZ

Danse Macabre

Badge designed by Murky; all purchases support the creator

Dead inside? No problem! Let's sprinkle a little fun into the coffin!

6,000 BUZZ

Galactic Wolf Badge

Badge designed by Wolf_Systems; all purchases support the creator!

Starry Wolf soaring In the depths of starry night Lupus calls them home

5,000 BUZZ

Four Stars Radar

Badge designed by IndolentCat; all purchases support the creator!

Get your own ICat flavored badge! Can you complete the whole set and make a wish?

5,000 BUZZ


Badge designed by Konan; all purchases support the creator!

The year is 1980, AI image generator has been pushing the limit between digital and reality. You take a cigarette and put your sunglasses on. It's time to prompt.

5,000 BUZZ

Reimagined Beauty

Badge designed by alexds9; all purchases support the creator

The dawn of a new era is upon us. We have amazing opportunities. Let's make this world better and make it more beautiful.

5,000 BUZZ

Soaring Nerd Badge

Badge designed by guy90; all purchases support the creator!

For those who can recite every line from 'Avengers: Endgame' and still debate whether Batman could take down Superman (spoiler: he totally could).

5,000 BUZZ

Sleepless Nights

Badge designed by kayfahaarukku; all purchases support the creator!

For those of you who stay up late while tinkering with Stable Diffusion.

5,000 BUZZ

Raven of Fortune

Badge designed by Sayhello0o; all purchases support the creator!

This logo-badge represents unity through intelligence, courage, serenity, strength, and gentleness.

5,000 BUZZ

Ralf's Green Vibe Badge

Badge designed by Ralfinger; all purchases support the creator!

Celebrate Ralfinger's style by owning and sporting this elegant, minimalist badge!

5,000 BUZZ

Chroma Crest

Badge designed by Zavy; all purchases support the creator!

A vibrant emblem representing boundless creativity and dynamic energy. Perfect for showing your support!

8,008 BUZZ

Winter Sovereign

Badge designed by Anzhc; all purchases support the creator!

From endless frozen wastes with love.

4,999 BUZZ


Badge designed by richyrich515; all purchases support the creator!

Delicate and elegant.

5,000 BUZZ

Tsundere Lover

Badge designed by nochekaiser881; all purchases support the creator!

It's not like I want you to buy me this badge, BAKA!

5,000 BUZZ

The Hourglass

Badge designed by justTNP; all purchases support the creator!

With each passing second, it carves a silent reminder into the heart of existence: all must fade, All must end. Memento Mori.

5,000 BUZZ

Chameleon Badge

Badge designed by ChameleonAI; all purchases support the creator!

Earn the "Chameleon Badge" and showcase your adaptability! Just like chameleons, you'll transform your pictures with diverse colors and shapes.

5,000 BUZZ

Mystery Badge 2024

Badge designed by Copax; all purchases support the creator!

Support Copax and own a piece of mystery with this witch-hat adorned 'Mystery Badge!

6,969 BUZZ

Nadia's Kiss

Badge designed by EDG; all purchases support the creator!

A kiss on a mirror given to you by Nadia, EDG's brand girl. This symbolizes that you should always love yourself and dress your best. Share that spirit on Civitai!

5,200 BUZZ

Synthwave Specter

Badge designed by duskfallcrew; all purchases support the creator!

In this hexagonal design, dungeon motifs and gothic elements converge with vibrant synthwave hues against a dark, mysterious backdrop, reminiscent of Beetlejuice.

5,000 BUZZ

Invader's Badge

Badge designed by FallenIncursio; all purchases support the creator!

Shards of glass and a dash of sass, you've got the Incursio emblem. Sport this badge, and make 'em laugh while you conquer the code.

5,000 BUZZ

Sakura Serenity

Badge designed by ElizaPottinger; all purchases support the creator!

Elevate your style with the serene beauty of cherry blossoms, as Eliza's enchanting artwork captures the tranquility of blooming petals against majestic mountain horizons.